The many benefits of electropolishing (electrochemical polishing) include the following:

Overall Benefitstn_Walsh-Bay-SS-09

  • Descaling
  • Uniform deburring action
  • Bright and reflective finish
  • Smooth and passive surface
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Hydrogen removal and stress relief
  • Removal of weld & heat discolouration

Process Benefits

  • Speed and efficiency
  • Processing complex shapes
  • Absence of mechanical damage
  • The use of non-volatile chemicals

End Result

  • Reduces maintenance and wear
  • Better emissivity in specialised items
  • No additional protective coating required
  • Excellent surface quality control process
  • The exposure of defects, impurities and non-metallic inclusions

Surface Enhancements

  • phosphating
  • contamination-free
  • more uniform anodising
  • other conversion coatings

Metaglo provides high quality electropolishing and electrochemical polishing services to add long lasting protection Stainless Steel items