What is electropolishing (also known as electrochemical polishing)?

Unfortunately, stainless steel products will rust due to the presence in the surface of the metal of iron (Fe) which combines with moisture to cause corrosion. This deterioration is accelerated in seaside locations because of the salt in the water and atmosphere. Fabricated sections of stainless steel (welded, drilled or cut) are vulnerable because the iron in the surface is exposed.

Electropolishing (electrochemical polishing) is a scientific process conducted in an electrolytic tank – the tank is filled with the Metaglo electrolyte through which direct electric currents are passed (positive and negative) creating a strong magnetic field. The resultant force, combining with the electrolyte, produces a chemical reaction of sufficient magnitude to remove from the surface of the stainless steel a microscopic layer of metal. The result is a bright chrome surface, clean and smooth and very resistant to rust or tea-staining.

The process of electropolishing has been utilised in the stainless steel industry for the purpose of providing the most effective way of polishing the metal’s surface, but more importantly, of providing a surface far more resistant to rust or tea-staining.

What are the benefits of electropolishing?

  • surface descaling and removal of burrs
  • removal of weld and heat discolorations
  • an ultra smooth finish that vigorously resists bacterial growth
  • thus suitable for the pharmaceutical, medical and surgical industries
  • visually and aesthetically pleasing look to suit all architectural applications
  • 6-10 times longer life due to greatly increased corrosion resistance

Why is Metaglo the best process?

Metaglo operates large electrolytic tanks, allowing for:

  • larger items
  • high volumes
  • quick turnaround times

Other reasons that we think you should consider Metaglo, include:

  • 100% Australian owned company
  • Providing services across Sydney, NSW and Newcastle Australia
  • Special electrolytic ingredients for bright finishes
  • A wealth of experience and expertise gained since 1989
  • Quality end-to-end care, including bubblewrap packaging
  • A range of special custom finishes such as Metaglo moonglo
  • Skilled at unusual items, with complex inner shapes requiring internal polishing

Metaglo provides high quality electropolishing and electrochemical polishing services to add long lasting protection Stainless Steel items